Ron DeSantis, How many pedophiles are there in Florida?

DeSantis continued his efforts to “pretend not to run for president while running for president,” on his “STOP CCP INFLUENCE” day.

Once again, Pudding Fingers announced “death to all pedophiles” just before signing its anti-communist platform for China.

DeSantis is very concerned that Florida is not a state of law and order. It seems that keeping Floridians terrified is his political strategy.

The governor of Florida then congratulated himself for having supported the local police.

“How can we ensure that we continue on the path of law and order,” he said. “So we signed a law allowing the death penalty for pedophiles,” DeSantis said.

Then DeSantis finally discussed his “CCP legislation” that he says will protect America from the Chinese.

No word on how it might help flood victims in Fort Lauderdale.

Does Florida have an endemic pedophilia problem in its state? Why does he focus so much on them? Of course, everyone hates pedophiles, but his insistence on focusing on them is bizarre.

Or is this his way of trying to gain support from the Pizzagate QAnon crowd?

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