Ron DeSantis Claims He Stopped Disney From Publicly Opposing Its Policies | wayne dupree

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claimed in an interview that since he began fighting The Walt Disney Company last year, he has stopped openly opposing the programs he favors.

DeSantis chose Disney after industry executives protested his so-called “Don’t Say Gay” order, which he had already signed. The law prohibited sexual topics from being discussed in the classroom from kindergarten through third grade, and it was later extended to twelfth grade.

Last year, the governor sought and was granted the cancellation of Disney’s unique self-governing status. He signed legislation on Friday allowing the company’s board to revoke any development deal the company had previously authorized.

Disney has filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida for what it claims is a “targeted campaign of government retaliation.”

The governor was asked by Newsmax presenter John Bachman about his conflict with Mickey Mouse during the interview, which aired on Friday.

The first major problem with Disney was their large political influence in this community, according to DeSantis. They also made an effort to oppose us on issues such as parental rights and other issues of great importance to Floridians. On that, we won. In order to turn back the clock and fight the woke ideology, we signed legislation protecting parents’ rights, strengthened protections, and took many other steps.

Then DeSantis bragged that since he sued Disney, the company had remained mum on political issues.

He said: “Disney has not been engaged in any of these matters since our disagreement last year. “They didn’t say a word. The main problem is that Disney can’t manipulate the system to the detriment of Floridians, because that’s ultimately what matters most.

DeSantis bragged about criticizing Disney in his book, which was published this year, Washington Post writer Greg Sargent argued Tuesday.

DeSantis boasts in his book that he quickly mobilized the state legislature to target Disney’s tax district, according to Sargent. The same sentence claims it happened as a result of the company’s “support to indoctrinate young students into a woke gender identity policy.” This acknowledges that his legislation has been the target of retaliatory speech.

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