Right-wing radio host calls for execution of Obama and others if Trump arrested

Right-wing broadcaster Pete Santilli recently argued that the US military should execute former President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder and former National Security Advisor Susan Rice if former President Donald Trump is arrested .

In a video clip obtained by Right Wing Watch, Santilli pleaded with the military to take action.

“Get the army, whatever is left is going to side with the people,” he said. “That you military and you people with guns and badges and law enforcement will succumb to the will of the people.

“And at the end of the day, we demand, we absolutely demand that the criminals, the criminals of this country, if you want them to be held to account, the criminals are Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Susan Rice,” he said. he continued, “this whole criminal cabal that came in the wake of John F. Kennedy’s murder, the people who carried out John F. Kennedy’s murder, are standing up against it.”

“Military, join us and place them all against a concrete wall…and do what we must do to save not only our country, but the whole world,” he implored.

Watch the video above or at this link.

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