RHONJ star Teresa Giudice’s marriage is in trouble

REPORT: RHONJ star Teresa Giudice's wedding is "in trouble" like Luis Ruelas' "true colors" Show and "Red flags" Surface, plus Teresa's lawyer denies the report

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Therese Giudice And Luis Ruelas‘ The marriage is said to be ‘in trouble’ and the honeymoon ‘already over’ less than a year after their over-the-top wedding at the Park Chateau Estate in New Jersey.

As they approach their first birthday, an insider claims that the The Real Housewives of New Jersey The stars’ relationship is on the rocks, which should come as no surprise to Teresa’s co-stars, who have expressed concerns about Luis and his troubled past since their relationship began in 2020.

“Their concern was that Louie had a shady past and considered Teresa his meal ticket,” an insider explained in the latest issue of Life & Style magazine, noting that “red flags” had begun to “surface.”

“They were worried about Teresa,” the source added.

As RHONJ fans have surely heard, Luis has been branded a sex-obsessed cheater and is said to have a history plagued by a bankruptcy filing and a number of lawsuits, including one for allegedly harassing his former clients. And now that he’s on the show, he’s reportedly suffering from an inflated ego.

“His ego has exploded and his true colors are starting to show. You can see it on RHONJ, he wants to take over the story of the series. Luis knows he’s hit the jackpot and he’s ready to cash in,” the insider said. “Teresa doesn’t want to admit it, but she’s seeing red flags.”

And he’s not too nice to his wife either.

“Privately, Luis called Teresa ‘not so bright’ to friends. There are also rumors floating around that he has a third child that he hasn’t told Teresa about! the alleged insider.

Yet, according to Teresa’s lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr.none of the allegations are true, and “[Teresa’s] has never been so happy.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 14 is set to go into production after a hiatus as producers prepare to assemble the cast for the new season.

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