RHOC star Judge Tamra calls Heather a ‘disappointment’

RHOC Judge Tamra says Heather was "The biggest disappointment" from season 17, talks "Boundaries" With Shannon, and Vicki's Return, Plus Taylor's "learning curve" and live view

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Judge Tamra didn’t have a good time filming the 17th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County with an old friend Heather Dubrow.

In front of RHOC premiere of season 17, Tamra and Taylor Armstrong talked about upcoming episodes, Tamra taking aim at Heather, sharing her status with Shannon Beador And Emily Simpsonand commenting Vicki Gunvalsonthe highly anticipated return of.

“I’m in such a happier place now in my life, I thought it would be fun to just go have fun with the girls and not feel the pressure of my home life and stuff,” Taylor said. to Entertainment Tonight on June 6. decision to return to real housewives. “My life has completely changed.”

In the years since his departure The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsTaylor, who embarked on a comeback after appearing on Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Tripmarried a lawyer John Bluher and moved to Orange County with her 17-year-old daughter, Kennedy, whom she shares with her late ex-husband Russell Armstrong.

But despite having a lot of history with the franchise, Taylor said she’s joining RHOC was not easy.

“Coming into an existing cast versus a cast where we started together was a bit of a learning curve,” she admitted. “I’m like, wait, what the fuck are you guys [at] one another ?!”

While Taylor joined the series as a “friend”, Tamra joined the cast after a two-year hiatus.

“I kind of came back not knowing where my place was either,” Tamra said. “People danced on my grave when I got fired, people thought I had no place on the show anymore.”

In August last year, Tamra accused Emily of dancing on her grave when she was demoted on the show. However, months later, she claims they are actually “very good friends”. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for her and Heather, who wondered how she could come back after becoming a “blogger” on her and Teddi Mellencampthe podcast of, Two Tees in a Pod.

“Emily saying she would dance on my grave when I left, I wouldn’t expect anything less from her because we didn’t really get along,” Tamra shared. “I think [Heather’s podcast] was the most shocking, because I was like, wow. You know, I always supported that person. I always wanted them back on the show, and then when they came back they made that comment, so it was more hurtful than anything.

In addition to her issues with Heather, Tamra also faced some drama with Shannon — at least at first.

“It didn’t end well,” she admitted of their initial conversation. “I left her and it took us a while – a little while – to get back on track, but once we got back on track, it felt like no time was was up.”

Now, Tamra says their relationship is “easier” than ever.

“She’s in a better place in her life,” Tamra noted. “Like, at the time, it was…Shannon was a lot. She was unhappy and we talked all day, and now I feel like she’s in a much better place.

“We have boundaries in place, and I think you’ll probably see that and we’ll talk about it,” she continued. “And we respect those boundaries. We’re learning, and it’s just… you know what? We really are like sisters. I love her, I hate her, I love her, I hate her. We can discuss things, but at the end of the day, Shannon is a good person. She has a good heart and that’s really all that matters to me.

As RHOC Fans will recall, Vicki also struggled with Shannon, but was able to make amends with her longtime friend while filming the new season.

“Do you know that’s the first secret Vicki has ever kept in her entire life, I think?” Tamra joked about Vicki’s return to the show. “I had no idea she was coming. We had invited her, but she said she had to work, so when she knocked on the door… I started screaming, she started to shout.

Also in season 17, viewers will be introduced to newbies Jennifer Pedratiwho was once close friends with Tamra.

“She met her boyfriend at our gym which caused a lot of damage,” Tamra teased of their drama. “The confusion is that she told me before… ‘Oh no, I told the whole story…’ So I talked about it openly! And then I heard, “Well, that’s not what she tells people…” and I was like, huh?!

“But she’s a great girl, she’s great fun, I think she fits in, I think she’s in it for the long haul,” Tamra added.

Looking back, Tamra said Heather was her “biggest disappointment” of the season, and Taylor agreed.

“And I don’t mean that in a negative or mean way,” Tamra explained. “There’s just something happening at the end that really shocked me…and disappointed me.”

Meanwhile, Taylor said her feelings were hurt by Heather.

“I had known Heather before, just socially, and I’ve always had a good relationship with her. So, I was really surprised, of all the people I thought it would have friction with, I didn’t never saw that coming,” she revealed. “And it comes out of nowhere.”

“I felt…rejected,” Taylor added.

As for the rumors that season 17 might be Heather’s last, Tamra said she doesn’t believe them.

“I think Heather definitely has a place on the show. We need some fancy pants, that’s for sure. I don’t think this is the end for Heather in any way,” she said, before add: “Well, maybe I could have killed her… If she doesn’t come back, it’s because of me!”

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