Republican expelled from AZ State House; says ‘God knows the truth’ | wayne dupree

Liz Harris, a Republican state representative, was removed from office by the Arizona state legislature on Wednesday in a bipartisan vote due to alleged ethics violations.

According to a State House report, Harris violated the code of ethics by allowing conspiracy theorist Jacqueline Breger to make unsubstantiated claims on the house floor during a joint committee meeting in February, according to AZ Family . Breger said well-known politicians, such as Democratic Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs and State House Speaker Ben Toma, have taken bribes from Mexican drug gangs.

According to the site, the House Ethics Committee found that Harris also misled her by not knowing Breger would make the allegations she made. In a video sent to Twitter, Harris can be seen leaving the room after the expulsion vote. There is a voice crying, “Shame on you! I feel terribly embarrassed.

According to the site, Democratic state Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton claimed she complained about Harris on March 6 because she believed his alleged activities endangered democracy in the country. Arizona. Stahl Hamilton remarked: “I could have predicted it would be like this. However, you just never know.

Guests who entered the room and immediately questioned the leadership, she added, according to the publication. The judges currently sitting on the court, our Governor, the Secretary of State, the Speaker of the House, and all of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You should not take these accusations lightly.

As she left the state house, Harris disputed the claims made in the report and remarked, “God knows the truth.”

“Honesty and integrity are my pillars. The report is false,” she reportedly told reporters outside the facility. “God is aware of reality. It served as an illustration of the importance of following the rules. What happens if you don’t follow the rules is this.

According to the source, the committee determined that Harris violated the first rule of the House, which prohibits disruptive behavior that undermines the institutional integrity of the House.

The 60 members of the House will decide whether Harris receives a sanction, according to the outlet. She was either to be expelled from the election committee or permanently expelled, according to Stahl Hamilton.

Following the eviction, Arizona House Democrats called the eviction “sad” but “necessary” in a statement.

“Today is a terrible day for our institution. But today is an important day. Real harm has been done to the reputations and lives of those who did not deserve it. The integrity of this Assembly has been compromised, which is most vital, according to the statement.

In the wake of the Covenant School massacre in Nashville, the Tennessee State House recently decided to fire two of three members who joined an angry mob of gun control protesters inside the bedroom. Since then, the Nashville council decided to bring the members back.

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