Rep. George Santos charged by Justice Department in federal probe

Well, it finally happened. George Anthony Devolder Kitara Santos was eventually charged by the DOJ. We have no idea what the charges actually are, but we do know that his first appearance will be at his arraignment on Wednesday.

CNN reports that while “the exact nature of the charges could not immediately be known,” it should be noted that “FBI and Justice Department public integrity prosecutors in New York and Washington have reviewed allegations of misrepresentation in Santos’ campaign funding records and other claims.”

Democrats have been calling on Santos to step down since news of his myriad lies broke. Republicans, especially Kevin McCarthy, backed him, in large part because Republicans have such a slim margin in the House and his vote is desperately needed.

When informed of the charges, Kevin McCarthy* continued to take no position at all, telling CNN, “I will look into the charges.”

CNN noted: “The cracks in Santos’ facade made national headlines in late December 2022, when The New York Times published a lengthy investigation that called into question large chunks of the personal history he has. sold to voters during the campaign What followed, however, was often stranger than fiction A seemingly endless string of new revelations ranging from allegations that he stole a dog from an Amish dairy farmer to his own past claims – all wrong – to play high-level college volleyball.

As the stories piled up, former friends and associates of Santos began to come forward and share stories claiming he had scammed or misled them about his financial and professional status. A former roommate of the congressman told CNN earlier this year that Santos showed signs of “delusions of grandeur” during their time together.”

We’ll update this story as soon as details about the charges become public.

Tick ​​tock, Kitara.

*Ed. note: Nicolle Wallace notes above that this may be the first thing Garland has done that Kevin McCarthy will be relieved of. See the video above.

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