René Angélil Celine Dion’s Husband, Bio, Net Worth, Death, Wife

René Angélil was a famous Canadian who helped singers and made music. People mostly know him for being with singer Céline Dion for a long time.

René Angélil’s Wiki/ Bio

Born in Montréal on January 16, 1942, René Angelil showed leadership skills from when he was very young.

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René Angélil was born in  Montréal, Québec, Canada.

When the media personality was born, his parents were Joseph Angelil and Alice Sara. His dad was from Syria, and his mom was from Lebanon. He had a little brother named Andre, who was born in 1945. For high school, René went to College Saint-Viateur, and after that, he went to College Andre-Grasset for more school.

What Was Rene Angelil’s Relationship Status?

The media sensation Angélil, a Canadian music manager and producer, is most famous for his long relationship with singer Céline Dion. They met in 1980 when Céline was just 12 and René was 38. When Céline made her first song, her brother sent it to René, who asked her to try out for him. He was so touched by her singing that he even cried.

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Rene Angelil was married to Celine Dion.

In 1988, after the late star won a big singing contest at 20, her relationship with René became romantic. They didn’t show it to the public much because they had a big age difference of 26 years. In 1991, René asked her to marry him, and the love companion got married in 1994. See another celebrity spouse Enrica Cenzatti.

Rene Angelil Was Married Twice Before Celine Dion

The famous Angélil, who was married to famous Canadian singer Dion, had been married three times. His first wife was Denyse Duquette. They met when he was in a group called Les Baronets. They got married on December 11, 1966, and they had a son named Patrick on January 28, 1968. But they later got divorced on June 12, 1973.

Similarly, the media personage’s second spouse was a singer named Manon Kirouac, also known as Anne Renee Kirouac. They got married on June 23, 1973, and they had two kids: a son named Patrick Angelil, born on March 23, 1974, and a daughter named Anne Marie Angelil, born on June 12, 1977. However, they ended their marriage on July 4, 1988.

René Angélil Had Three Children With Celine Dion

René and his wife Dion were married for a really long time and had three kids: René-Charles, Nelson, and Eddy. René-Charles was born in 2001, and Nelson and Eddy were born in 2010 as twins who are not exactly the same.

Moreover, My Heart Will Go On singer Charles got his name from his dad. Celine talked about the time she had him on a TV show with James Corden.

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Rene Angelil with his wife and kids. Source: People

She said, “When I had my first baby, the doctor said on TV that it was a healthy boy, even before I held him. I turned off the TV because I wanted to hold him first.”

In 2006, the singer told “People” magazine that she really likes being a mom. She said, “I love being a mom. Reading stories to him, doing art with him, and playing with Play-Doh make me feel good. Some people think I can’t have a normal life, but I can.”

In 2010, Celine and her partner René got their twin boys, Nelson and Eddy. They used a tiny baby that was frozen eight years before when they were trying to have their first child. They named the twins after two important people: Eddy Marnay, who helped Celine with her music, and Nelson Mandela, who used to be a big leader in South Africa.

After René died in 2017, Celine said she and her twins, who were 6 years old then, helped each other feel better. She said to The Sun, “We kiss him every night actually. We have a little picture, and we say goodnight to him and talk to him.”

The Reason Behind René Angélil’s Death

The talented personage Angélil, who was passed away on January 14, 2016, when he was 73 years old. He had been fighting against throat cancer since 2013, and that’s what made him die.

Moreover, the star hubby first got throat cancer in April 1998. He got better after going through 38 rounds of medicine and radiation. But in December 2013, he got cancer again. Even though he had surgery to remove a lump from his throat in 2014, he still got sicker.

In addition, Dion took a break from performing at The Colosseum in Las Vegas last year because René was very sick. But she started singing again in August. She said that her beliefs and feelings helped her stay strong during this hard time with her husband’s sickness.

How Was Rene Angelil’s Professional Life?

René was a big name in showbiz, known for being really good at business and for guiding famous Québécoise singer Céline Dion’s career for over 30 years. He was born in Montréal and studied at schools called Collège André-Grasset and Clerics of Saint-Viateur.

In the 1960s, the stunning star started a music group called Les Baronets that sang French versions of Beatles songs and became really popular. In 1972, he joined a team of talent agents run by Guy Cloutier. Then, in 1979, he started his own company called Les Productions René Angélil.

In 1981, the talented personality heard a song sung by 12-year-old Dion, and he was so impressed that he decided to help her become a famous singer. She won awards and became really successful, especially when she started singing in English in the 1990s.

In 2003, Angélil made a great deal for Dion to perform at a famous hotel and casino in Las Vegas. She also went on tours around the world. Angélil also supported different charities and got awards for his work.

Besides helping Dion, Rene also helped other musicians get noticed. He worked with Richard Samson to help jazz group The Lost Fingers and singer-songwriter Jonathan Roy. He was also part of a talent show called Star Académie, which is like a Canadian version of American Idol. Also, get to know about Diane Plese.

What Is René Angélil’s Net Worth?

René, a Canadian manager, director, and one-time singer, had a lot of money when he passed away in 2016. His money was around $400 million. After he died, Celine became the only boss of the companies they owned together.

Likewise, the late musician got his money mostly by being really good at managing and directing. He was the one who managed and directed Celine, who is one of the most successful singers ever. He also had other jobs, like owning a place called Schwartz’s Deli and a nightclub named Pure in Las Vegas. He also had a company called Les Productions Feeling Inc.

To add more, Angelil wasn’t just into business. He also played poker professionally. He did well in big poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker in 2005 and the World Poker Tour in 2007.

René and Celine also had some fancy houses. They had a big mansion in Florida with a water park, lots of rooms, and even a golf simulator. They also had a private island place near Montreal that they were selling for $28.2 million.

On the other hand, Dion is the highest-paid singer where she has a whopping net worth of $800 million. Céline’s iconic song “My Heart Will Go On,” the theme from the blockbuster film “Titanic” (1997), became one of the best-selling singles of all time. Her album “Let’s Talk About Love” (1997) included the song and continued her string of successes.

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