Real Madrid worried as Valverde could face 12-game ban because of this (see details)

Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde could face a lengthy ban of up to 12 games for punching Villarreal’s Alex Baena in the parking lot after their La Liga clash earlier this month.

The incident took place after Villarreal’s 3-2 win at the Santiago Bernabeu on April 8, with Valverde accusing Baena of making derogatory comments about his unborn child.

Baena has denied the allegations, but the Spanish FA’s competition committee will investigate the matter and both players will be interviewed. If Valverde is found guilty, he could serve a domestic ban of up to 12 games.

Valverde admitted he let his ‘aggression’ get the better of him but insisted the punch was justified.

Meanwhile, Baena claimed his family received death threats following the incident and denied making any comments about Valverde’s family.

Villarreal issued a statement condemning the attack, saying they “strongly believe in their player’s version and will support him throughout this process”.

The incident sparked controversy in the Spanish football community, with fans and pundits divided over whether Valverde’s actions were justified.

The outcome of the investigation will be eagerly awaited by Real Madrid and Villarreal fans.


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