Reactions as the couple show up for their wedding in sportswear

A newly married couple have been scrutinized by the ever sharper mouths of internet users online as they show up to their wedding in sports gear.

A viral video available on captures a couple in their matching sports outfits at their customary wedding.

The husband wore tailored sportswear and sneakers and the wife was in the same outfit as they performed the traditional rite of giving palm wine to her partner.

Internet users who found the situation worrying reacted:


“There is. Reason why there is ‘when you go to Rome, behave like the Romans’! It’s not about doing your thing, it’s about doing it right! The outfit is so cheesy for a traditional wedding! Even I, as a guest, won’t even wear this to someone’s event”

Chuks: “This couple na yankee o, but I tell you the truth, that’s how I did mine too, there was only my wife wearing traditional, I just didn’t have of native then because I never liked to wear it, but now I know better sis.

@Nazeebsadiq: “They were walking around and then the guy will be like, let’s just go to your house and do the traditional wedding rituals, it will save us time and energy to get home and then come back”

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