Reactions as Groom Face Got Smeared By His Wife’s Make-Up After Kissing at Wedding Ceremony

Netizens on the internet have gone berserk with amusement and laughter as a groom’s face ended up hilariously smeared with his wife’s makeup during a kiss at their civil wedding ceremony.

The heartwarming viral video that captures the moment turned comical when the officiator prompted the couple to share a kiss following their heartfelt exchange of vows.

However, the sweet gesture took an unexpected turn as the groom’s face ended up adorned with his bride’s makeup.

The video capturing this amusing incident has rapidly gained attention online, with social media users going berserk over it with the laughter and delight of this candid wedding mishap.

As expected, netizens reacted to the viral video of the groom’s face smeared with his wife’s makeup during a kiss;

Groom Face Smeared Wife Make-Up

Azaar paint ..Paint mu papapaaa

Recommend Sarkodie’s track to the dude – total cheat.

I laugh enter NDC office dey shout kukurudu

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