Raskin Calls Out GOP For Hypocrisy On Hunter Biden Gun Charge

Rep. Jamie Raskin took the right-wing GOP hypocrites to task who apparently want to put guns in the hands of every single American other than Hunter Biden. Raskin did a fine job during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper of pushing back against the notion that Republicans care about much of anything that they don’t think will benefit them politically.

Tapper asked Raskin what he thought of the Hunter Biden indictment this week, and Raskin responded with a very rational response from what’s left of the of the sane, responsible party in our country.

TAPPER: Congressman Rankin, good to see you. Let’s start with the indictment of Hunter Biden, three counts. What was your reaction to the charges?

RASKIN: Well, the rule of law continues to work in America. I suppose it was not unlike my reaction after the four indictments against Donald Trump and the 91 criminal charges, which is that grand juries have met, the grand juries have assembled all the facts, and the grand juries have acted, and I know there’s jubilation and celebration among my GOP colleagues, and that’s fine if that’s their feeling.

It’s a bit ironic to me given that I think if almost anybody else in the country were charged with those gun charges, they would be calling for 2nd Amendment rallies all over the country, but we do stand up on our side of the aisle for the rule of law. We want to see the rule of law work in everybody’s case, whether we’re talking about Hunter Biden or Donald Trump or Jared Kushner or anybody else.

Tapper completely ignored what Raskin said about Kushner, and instead tried to give Republicans some cover, pretending many of them weren’t celebrating — which they were — and used some of their same BS unproven allegations language in his next question to Raskin, such as calling Biden “the big guy,” which is regularly regurgitated on Fox day in and day out. Thanks Jake.

Raskin responded by trying to return to realty and what we’re facing with these extremists.

RASKIN: Well, remember that we’re talking about a special counsel who was originally the U.S. Attorney for Delaware named by Donald Trump and President Biden retained him in office when President Biden was elected. So this was Trump’s U.S. Attorney, now the special counsel in the case.

And the problem I have with my colleagues is they pick and choose when they stand by the rule of law and when they don’t. Obviously, you know, Donald Trump has diagnosed it pretty much correctly when he says he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and he’d not lose any support among his right-wing following.

And unfortunately that might relate to the Republican party today, but that’s not how the rule of law works, and the Justice Department works. And on our side of the aisle we say, if people commit crimes, they’re entitled to the presumption of innocence and due process.

But the grand juries meet and they hand down an indictment, then you move forward to trial. And again due process and the presumption of innocence to operate, but we want to see that our laws are enforced, and I would love to hear just one Republican state the same thing on the other side.

Tapper again responded by trying to give Republicans cover, this time by quoting Ken Buck and that there may actually be twenty Republicans who don’t think impeachment is such a good idea.

That’s not the same thing Raskin asked him to admit, or the same thing as admitting the fact that these people want to destroy what’s left of our democracy and don’t think any of the current laws should apply to them as long as they think our system will allow them to get away with it, or the fact that they’re just as willing to use whatever means necessary, legal or not, to attack their political enemies .

It’s long past time Tapper and the rest of our corporate media quits dodging on the danger another Trump presidency represents, and that the witch hunt against Hunter Biden is anything other than that.

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