Randy’s Best Episodes Of All Time

In one of his greatest roles of all time, in Season 15’s “Broadway Bro Down,” Randy Marsh finds himself producing and writing plays to procure oral sex from his wife, Sharon Marsh (April Stewart). After hearing about the aphrodisiac qualities of the Broadway play “Wicked,” Randy takes Sharon there, and she performs oral sex on him afterward, leading him to eventually write and produce his own shows to keep the ruse going.

Yet he hilariously does not realize the subtlety of the other plays and writes an extremely raunchy and graphic play that does not hide his intentions at all. Real-life Broadway composers Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Elton John show up in South Park to chastise him about his lack of subtext, resulting in a huge “bro-down” between them. Eventually, Randy and them bond over beer at Hooters, and he writes the hilarious new play “The Woman in White,” which is full of songs urging women to perform oral sex.

“Broadway Bro Down” truly shows Randy at his sleaziest: willing to do whatever he can to trick his wife into pleasuring him. Yet he gets upset when he finds out his own daughter (also voiced by Stewart) is attending “Wicked” with a male friend (Larry, voiced by Matt Stone), causing him to commit homicide and destroy the play. It’s quintessential Randy: seedy, naive, and ignorant.

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