Quavo Salutes Offset On New Song ’11:11′: “We Fam’ Forever”

Quavo and Offset are family forever, and it seems nothing can tear them apart, with Huncho saluting Set on his new track “11:11”.

Quavo recently released his solo album, Rocket Power, which deals with losing his nephew Takeoff, appreciating the good times they’ve had, having faith in God, and sticking to his family. The project is set to debut in the top 20 on the US albums chart with 27-32K units in its first week, Chart Data reported on Saturday and is well-received as the second solo album to be released by Quavo over his career.

‘Rocket Power’ follows on from his 2018 release ‘Quavo Huncho’ and is vastly different especially given the loss of his nephew at a time when they were both setting out as a solo duo as the Migos split.

At the height of Takeoff’s killing, there was wide speculation that the Migos were not on good terms. Despite all that’s happened, Quavo’s track “11:11” specifically silences the noise surrounding the split as he also warns others to stay out of the issues the remaining members- him and Offset might have.

“5:30 Huncho and ‘Set [Offset] get up early and go out and get that bag together (‘Set) Who the f**k gonna put us together? Can’t nobody put this sh*t back together. So stay the f**k out of the middle ‘lil fella, we always’ gon be that, we fam’ forever (migo),” the Atlanta rapper raps on the song.

In another track on the album, “Greatness,” Quavo also pays tribute to Takeoff, but he also celebrates the Migos’ achievements while noting regrettably that the group could never come back without Takeoff.

Quavo and Offset mended fences earlier this year at the BET Awards when they were brought together for a tribute to Takeoff. The men were seen backstage rehearsing for a song weeks after they had a fistfight at the Grammys backstage over a fight.

Both have, however, shared love and respect for each other as they collectively mourn Takeoff.

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