Public Opinion: 55% Firmly Against, 45% in Favor – Should U.S. Congress Fund Ukraine? | Wayne Dupree

According to a compelling new SSRS/CNN poll released Friday, it is evident that a significant majority of Americans strongly believe that sending any further funding to Ukraine in the war against Russia is not in our best interest. 

Based on the compelling results, it is evident that a majority of 55% of respondents firmly believe that the U.S. Congress should refrain from authorizing additional funding to support Ukraine. Conversely, 45% of respondents hold the view that Congress should indeed authorize such funding.


Moreover, an overwhelming 51% of individuals believe that the United States has already taken significant steps to assist Ukraine, demonstrating our commitment to supporting this nation in need. However, it is worth noting that a close 48% of respondents believe that there is still more that can be done.

This number has significantly declined, highlighting the urgent need for the U.S. to take stronger action in support of Ukraine.

When respondents were asked specifically about the kind of aid Ukraine should receive, a significantly larger number expressed their support for providing indirect assistance rather than deploying troops. 

Join the majority of Americans who understand the importance of taking action to protect our nation’s interests. While support for sending U.S. military forces to participate in combat operations may have been low at 17%, a significant 43% of the population recognizes the necessity of providing and sending weapons. Let us stand together in ensuring our armed forces have the tools they need to defend our values and maintain global stability. The overwhelming majority of people (63%) strongly support intelligence gathering, recognizing its crucial role in ensuring national security. Additionally, a significant portion of the population (53%) also expresses considerable support for military training, understanding its importance in maintaining a strong and capable defense force.

One crucial change that demands our attention is the profound impact of the war on U.S. national security. In the early stages of the war, a significant 72% of Americans were rightfully concerned about the potential impact on our national security. However, it is disheartening to note that this number has now decreased to a mere 56%. 

There were also remarkable disparities between party identification and the crucial support for providing aid to Ukraine.

Democrats overwhelmingly supported providing aid, with an impressive 62% in favor, while only a mere 29% of Republicans shared the same viewpoint. 

A significant 45% of respondents expressed their approval of Biden’s handling of the situation in Ukraine. This demonstrates a considerable level of support for his approach and highlights the effectiveness of his actions in addressing this critical issue. An impressive 43% of respondents wholeheartedly support the exceptional manner in which he has deftly managed the U.S. relationship with Russia.


Impressively, that figure surpasses Biden’s current approval rating, which currently stands at a historically low 40%. A president has not experienced such a remarkably low approval rating since the days of President Jimmy Carter, who received an approval rating as low as 30.7% in 1979. This striking similarity highlights the urgent need for change and a fresh perspective in our current leadership. 

The poll, conducted by the reputable and independent research company SSRS, gathered insights from over 1,200 respondents over the course of an entire month in July. 


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