Proud Boy Complains He Got Beaten ‘Sh*t’ At Drag Event

On Sunday, members of the Proud Boys and counter-protesters clashed in a Drag Story Hour hosted by New York Attorney General Letitia James. A video captured of the event by Oliya Scootercaster with media site shows the Proud Boys jeering, and at least one of them was bloodied during the clash.

“I came here to help, not to get beaten up,” said the protester wearing Proud Boys gear with other members of the far wing group nearby.

In the background, counter-protesters are heard shouting, “Go back to Long Island” and “Fuck the Proud Boys.”

According BNC News, An NYPD spokesperson confirmed in an email that a masked man, Robert Porco, 53, of Fishkill, New York, “was arrested and charged with assault” after “approaching a victim and l ‘hit in the face’. The victim suffered a “physical injury to the face” and “swelling to the nose” but was not hospitalized.

Interestingly, the Proud Boys tried this in New York, where there is an inclusive environment. New Yorkers don’t mess around. They went there to support the event attendees from people trying to make trouble during the new culture war.

“We overwhelm their hatred with our love, support and positivity,” said Eric Bottcher, a council member who attended the event.

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