Prominent Liberal Morning DJ Criticizes Republican Lt. Governor For Not Supporting Reparations | wayne dupree

Mark Robinson, the lieutenant governor of North Carolina, was criticized by Charlamagne-Tha-God, who dubbed him “the donkey du jour” for claiming that black Americans should pay reparations “if someone “.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne called Lieutenant Governor and 2024 gubernatorial candidate Robinson “the donkey du jour” because of his previous remarks. He also claimed that if Robinson were to win, it didn’t matter if North Carolina was a red or blue state, because “it wouldn’t be a black state.”

The topic of reparations is a hot topic right now, according to Charlamagne. “I am a person who thinks that pessimism never prevails in any conflict. Because we all agree that the slave trade was one of the greatest sins of this country and that an atonement under form of reparations is needed, I speak with optimism even though I know this country will never pay black people what they owe.

Mark could make history by becoming the first black governor of North Carolina, a state whose population is just over 21% black and nearly 67% white. However, because he’s a Republican, he doesn’t really care about black votes. All right? 89% of white people make up the Republican Party in North Carolina. On October 29, 2022, there were about 7.4 million registered voters in North Carolina, according to some stats I was reading… Therefore, Mark is probably thinking, “I’m a Republican.” I only need these white people,” added Charlamagne.

He showed a recording of Robinson speaking on the topic of reparations at the 2021 North Carolina Republican Party State Convention.

“Certain individuals in our country have discussed reparations. They have demanded restitution. You don’t owe anyone anything for your servitude. You owe it, if you’re going to be honest about it. Because someone in these fields took stripes for you, you are the one in charge After these fields and slavery were abolished, someone had to guide you through Jim Crow For you, someone died in battle Robinson at the time indicated.

“…You don’t owe anyone anything. At the end of the video, Robinson reaffirmed, ‘If anyone owes, it’s you.

Once again, the camera cut off Charlamagne’s response.

It doesn’t matter if North Carolina is a red or blue state. You can be sure it won’t be a black state if Mark Robinson wins the governorship, he said. ‘All right? All the topics he touched on, such as individuals who fought for civil rights, sibling civil rights marches, and those who endured the torment of “Bloody Sunday” so that we wouldn’t get- what a fraction of freedom. They contribute to the debt that we owe.

“Yes, we owe them, but not as much as this nation owes us. And we gave them what they fought for – what so many of them wanted – in return. That’s what reparations is. “Okay? When your parents used to tell you they beat us for our own good, Mark Robinson telling black people we deserve reparations, that’s how it is,” Charlamagne said.

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