Prince Harry Had to Seek Permission From Buckingham Palace to Visit Queen Elizabeth’s Grave Site on Her Death Anniversary

Prince Harry had a close relationship with Queen Elizabeth up until her death in 2022. Despite tensions among royal family members, Harry and his grandmother always found a way to keep a tight relationship; he and his wife, Meghan Markle, even named their only daughter after the queen — Princess Lilibet Diana.

But when Harry visited the United Kingdom briefly in early September to attend the WellChild Awards, he also wanted to pay a visit to his “Granny” at her grave site — and Buckingham Palace reportedly kept him waiting before finally granting him permission.

Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth in 2009
Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth in 2009 | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince Harry reportedly had to get permission to visit Queen Elizabeth’s grave site

Harry was in the UK to make an official appearance, so it makes sense that he would have wanted to pay his respects to his grandmother on the anniversary of her death. However, according to The Telegraph, Harry had to receive clearance from Buckingham Palace before he could access the grave site, and it reportedly took quite a while.

The outlet reports that Harry had nearly given up on potentially visiting his late grandmother before he was finally granted clearance — on the condition that it was 100% private. Rumor has it there were photos snapped of Harry during the outing by sneaky onlookers, though there were no official press photos taken for his moment of remembrance.

Harry visited the UK by himself during the week of the queen’s death anniversary, a change from last year when Meghan chose to accompany him to the WellChild Awards. Meghan has not returned to the UK since the queen’s funeral, though she traveled to Europe the week after this year’s awards to meet Harry in Germany for the Invictus Games.

Prince Harry did not see his family while in the UK

It seems the only family member Harry paid a visit to was Queen Elizabeth. There had been rumors of peace talks happening during Harry’s visit, but it doesn’t appear he wound up meeting with King Charles. There’s still time, though; Harry might have wanted Meghan to accompany him, but since she wasn’t heading to Europe until after, maybe they’ll swing by London on their way home from Germany. It seems unlikely, though.

Harry has said in the past that he does want to have a relationship with his father and brother again. However, tensions appear higher than ever, given that Harry has visited the UK a number of times and not stopped to see his family. He also did not mention his family while speaking at the Invictus Games, though he did mention Meghan.

The royal family has remained largely silent amid the drama with Harry and Meghan. Their motto of “never complain, never explain,” was taken to heart during the feud, with Harry and Meghan openly discussing their royal experiences and the family doing nothing besides releasing one royal statement pertaining to the conversation around Archie’s skin. Time will tell if Harry and his family are ever able to make amends.

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