People Mock Salma Mumin After Seeing A Video Of Her Using An Anti-Aging Drip

After posting a video of herself using a vitamin C serum to enhance the health of her skin, Salma Mumin received yet another reaction.

Vitamin drips, in Salma’s opinion, make the skin glow and delay the signs of aging.

But as usual, a few haters chose to make fun of her. They warned her that no matter how many anti-aging medications she takes, old age will still catch up with her.

Salma revealed earlier this month that she had a procedure to increase the size and weight of her posterior. She acknowledged that she was regularly made fun of for having a flat rear and that this made her desire to seem curvier.

Her disclosure sparked a lot of controversy on social media, as many people criticized her for initially lying about it.

Check out the video below;


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