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Paula Yates was a well-known Briton television presenter and writer who has been recognized for her work on two popular television programs, A tube And The big breakfast. Paula was married to Bob Geldof and had three daughters with him: Pixie, Peaches and Fifi. She was also in a relationship with Michael Hutchence who produced a daughter named Tiger.

In addition to her television work, she has also contributed to several fashion magazines, including the infamous Penthouse. She had a popular cover of “These Boots Are Made for Walking” by Nancy Sinatra. Tragically, Yates died aged 41 from a heroin overdose. His death shocked the nation and left a lasting impact on his fans and loved ones.

Who were Paula Yates’ parents?

Paula Yates was a British television presenter and writer, born April 24, 1959 in Colwyn Bay, Wales to English parents. She is British in terms of her nationality and her ethnicity is British-White. His mother, Elaine Smith, was a former showgirl, actress and author of erotic novels who used the stage name Heller Toren. Yates grew up in a show business family and until 1997 she thought her biological father was Jess Yates, who hosted ITV’s religious show Stars on Sunday. However, a DNA test that year revealed that her biological father was actually a game show host. Hughie Green. Although she grew up in a family involved in the entertainment industry, Yates described her childhood as lonely and isolated. His parents’ marriage was unconventional, and after their breakup in 1975, Yates lived primarily with his mother, despite having a closer relationship with his father. Yates also had three siblings: Linda Green, Christopher Green and Barry Green. For the last time, she celebrated her 41st birthday on April 24, 2022.

Paula attended several schools, including Penrhos College, Ysgol Aberconwy and Bellver International College in Malta and Majorca before returning to Great Britain.

Paula Yates career timeline

  • Paula Yates was a prominent British journalist, television presenter and writer, known for her work in the music industry. In 1979 she began her career as a music journalist, writing a column for the “Record Mirror” shortly after posing for Penthouse magazine.
  • She then presented Channel 4’s music program ‘The Tube’ alongside Jools Holland, and co-hosted several BBC TV talk shows with Terry Wogan.
  • She also released a version of Nancy Sinatra’s hit, “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'”, in 1982.
  • After giving birth to her daughters, she turned to motherhood and wrote two books on the subject. However, she continued her career in rock journalism, including hosting the music show “The Tube.”
  • Yates became famous for her “on the bed” interviews on the show The Big Breakfast, produced by her husband, Bob Geldof, where she asked candid questions and encouraged guests to engage in eccentric and risky behavior on television by direct.
  • In 1995, Paula was the presenter of “Sex with Paula”. At the time of her death in 2000, Yates was working on a book called “Sex and Death,” a memoir that chronicled her life from the time she visited Hutchence’s body in the morgue.
  • Yates’ legacy continues to be felt in the entertainment industry. She blazed a trail for women in music journalism and presented influential television programs that shaped the pop culture landscape of the 1980s and 1990s. Despite her personal struggles, Yates remained a figure beloved by many and remembered for his wit, frankness and fearless approach to his work.
  • In 2023, Yates’ documentary titled “Paula” was released, relating to the life and death of this TV host and writer.
  • Paula Yates was a prolific author who wrote several books throughout her career. Some of his notable works include “Rock Stars in Their Underpants” (1980), “Blondes” (1983), “Sex with Paula Yates” (1986), “The Fun Starts Here” (1990), “The Fun Don’t Stop: Lots of Wacky Activities for You and Your Toddler” (1991), “And the Fun Goes On: A Practical Guide to Playing and Learning With Your Preschooler” (1991), “Village People” ( 1993), and “The Autobiography” (1995). She also worked on a book called “Sex & Death” which remained unpublished after her death.

Who is Paula Yates’ husband?

Paula Yates was a married woman and she had only been married once in her entire life. Paula married her husband, Bob Geldoff on August 31, 1986 in Las Vegas. She had a relationship with Bob Geldof after meeting him at the start of Boomtown Rat. While married to Geldof, she had affairs with Terrence Trent D’Arby and Rupert Everett. In 1985, she met Michael Hutchence while interviewing him for Channel 4’s rock magazine show, The Tube. They began a nine-year affair in 1994, and in 1995 Yates left Geldof and became pregnant with Hutchence’s child. Geldof and Yates divorced in May 1996.

Paula Yates Family

All about Michael Hutchence

Following Hutchence’s death in November 1997, Yates suffered another blow when a DNA test confirmed that Hughie Green was his biological father. In June 1998, Geldof won full custody of their three daughters after Yates attempted suicide. While in treatment, Yates met Kingsley O’Keke, but they broke up after a six-week romance, and O’Keke later sold her story to a tabloid.

Paula Yates left behind four children: Fifi Trixibelle Geldof, Peaches Geldof and Pixie Geldof. She had three children with her ex-husband, Bob Geldof. Their first child, Fifi, was born in 1983, Peaches on March 13, 1989, and Pixie on September 17, 1990. She also had one child, Heavenly Haraani Tiger Lily with her boyfriend and singer, Michael Hutchence.

How did Paula Yates die?

Paula Yates died on September 17, 2000 At 41 years due to heroin overdose, on the occasion of the 10 years of his daughter Pixie. Although the coroner ruled it out as not a suicide, but rather the result of “foolish and reckless” behavior. Yates was found with her four-year-old daughter Tiger Lily. It was later revealed that she had not taken any illegal drugs for almost two years before her death. However, due to her lack of drug tolerance, the amount she took resulted in her death.

After Yates’ death, her daughter Tiger Lily was taken into custody by Bob Geldof, her ex-husband and father of her three eldest daughters. Tina Hutchence, sister of Michael Hutchence, was denied custody of Tiger Lily. In 2007 Geldof adopted Tiger Lily and changed her last name to Geldof. Sadly, on April 7, 2014, Peaches, Paula’s second oldest daughter, died of a heroin overdose at the age of 25.

What Was Paula Yates Net Worth?

Paula Yates has had an impressive career as a TV presenter and writer, and her net worth was estimated to be around $1 million at the time of his death. She started her career as a music journalist before moving to television, where she hosted various shows including The Tube and The Big Breakfast. Yates was also a best-selling author, having written several books, including her memoir, “Autobiography”, which was published posthumously. His net worth has been accumulated through his successful career in the entertainment industry, which has enabled him to lead a comfortable life.

Despite her success and wealth, Yates had a tumultuous personal life, which included high-profile relationships and a custody battle with her ex-husband Bob Geldof. After her death, her estate was left to her children, including daughter Tiger Lily, whom she had with partner Michael Hutchence. While her net worth may have been significant, her legacy as a pioneering television presenter and writer is what continues to be celebrated by her fans and industry colleagues.

How tall is Paula Yates?

Paula Yates was not only beautiful, but she also had a unique and captivating personality that attracted many people. She had a slim and attractive body type, standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm and weighing around 50 kg or 110 pounds. Her sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair added to her charm and appeal. She was always presentable, even on screen, and had a confident attitude that made her stand out. Her radiant personality made her a beloved television personality and writer, and she had a large following.

One of Paula Yates’ most striking features was her protruding collarbone, which became a defining feature of her looks. This feature enhanced his slim physique and added to his overall appeal. Her unique looks and confident attitude made her a style icon of her time, inspiring many women to embrace their own distinct beauty. Despite her untimely death, her legacy lives on as an icon of beauty, confidence and individuality.

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