Pastors And Prayer Warriors Join Forces To Pray During An Event To Stop The Rain (Video)

An intriguing scene from a recent viral video on TikTok depicts a crowd of people gathering together to frantically pray to stop a downpour that was impeding their activities at an outdoor event.

By the time this article was published, the user-uploaded video had about 400k views.

The crowd’s collaborative effort to employ prayer to ward off the downpour is shown in the clip, and it has caused a flurry of comments and activity on social media.

View some responses from online users.

“Common sense should tell you that it’s raining season,” said SikaBaKwadwoSafo.”(Akristofo) paaa dee33 daabi da”

Smart Brain: “How can thunder stop rain?”

Comedies from King Julien: “??? Go and pray, Taya.

“Ghana aaah nti who discovered this country chai?” asked skyti455.

Ranzz: “They made it worse because it rained all day? Abuse of nature, eh??”

“U shall see them by their fruits?… concert party???” said bismarkacheampong31.

View the video here:


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