Passengers Evacuated From JetBlue Flight At LAX After Angry Man Phoned For Bomb Threat

After receiving a bomb threat on a JetBlue flight from Las Vegas, LAX police evacuated the plane.

Authorities were notified of the possible threat at 2 p.m. Thursday by Las Vegas police.

Officials say a disgruntled passenger who missed his flight made the threat and claimed his luggage could contain a bomb.

The individual who made the bomb threat was followed by Las Vegas police, who then informed the Los Angeles airport police.

As a result, the plane was cleared by LAX officers, who are currently inspecting the plane.

LAXPD is conducting an investigation to ensure there is no threat to passengers or the aircraft from the baggage.

Police confirmed at around 4:40 p.m. that all baggage had been checked and cleared, and that there were no ongoing threats on the plane.

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