OpTic Texas disqualified from CoD champions in 2023 by Seattle Surge

The Seattle Surge defeated OpTic Texas 3-2 today in the second round of the elimination bracket to finish their season in the Call of Duty League Playoffs for the second year in a row. OpTic wasted no time in recovering from yesterday’s loss to the New York Subliners when the Hardpoint hosted them at Mercado Las Almas for the series opener. The first set of rotations on the map was back and forth, with the score tied at 113 halfway through the last Hardpoint of the rotations.

But after that, the kill stream and dashboard started glowing OpTic green. If you need more information on OpTic Texas’ disqualification from CoD Champions in 2023 by Seattle Surge, read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

OpTic Texas disqualified from CoD champions in 2023 by Seattle Surge:

Texas applied maximum pressure for the rest of the map to secure the series-opening victory with a score of 250-163. Both Shotzzy and Dashy were outstanding for Team Texas, combining 51 kills and K/D ratios above 1.6.

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OpTic struggled on the second map compared to its performance on the first. OpTic won the first round of Al Bagra Fortress Search and Destroy thanks to Ghosty’s three wins. But after that, Surge was everything. Seattle won the card and tied the series at one game apiece by winning six of the next seven rounds. Bb and Pred each contributed seven kills, with Accuracy taking the lead with ten.

OpTic looked impressive again as they entered Breenbergh Hotel Control’s third and biggest card. They won the first two games to take a decisive 2-0 lead on the map. Although Texas proved too strong, Seattle managed to win the third round with a defensive position. Despite a healthy life advantage and trailing 2-1, OpTic managed to win the round and map 3-1 despite the Surge’s inability to win the necessary trade battles.

Al Bagra Fortress hosted the fourth map of the match as OpTic looked to wrap up the series and advance to the next stage of the elimination bracket as the series shifted gears for the second Hardpoint. Seattle upended the conventional wisdom that Fortress was one of the team’s best maps in 2023. There were 55 kills from Bb and Pred combined, which were scattered all over the map.

But it was Mack who ended the chances of the green wall, scoring massive kills after massive kills at crucial times across the map. His team was able to qualify for a decisive fifth game thanks in part to his 32 kills, which put him in first place in the lobby and 1.78 K / D on the card.

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Seattle once again excelled in the SnD in a win-or-go-home situation. Before OpTic responded with its two rounds of Mercado Las Almas Search and Destroy, Seattle won the first two rounds. However, the Surge seemed to outwit OpTic in every round, winning three straight rounds to advance to match point. In round eight, Sib found himself in a tight one-on-three situation, but quickly killed Huke to change him to a one-on-two. Once he ripped Dashy out of a heady, he found himself alone with Ghosty.

However, Sib was able to prevail in the shootout, allowing Surge to win the round and series and advance to the next stage of the elimination bracket. For a spot in the playoff final and a top-four berth, they will face the winner of the matchup Atlanta FaZe vs. Boston Breach. Seattle has the chance to improve on its third-place finish at last year’s CoD Champs if it can win two more games.


After a season that saw many roster changes, including the retirement of Scump, one of Call of Duty’s greatest competitive players of all time, OpTic has to start over. It’s unclear which players will remain on the roster, but it would be shocking to see them try to repeat their non-league season with the same four players.


Pred, a Seattle superstar, has been linked to a number of rumors regarding a potential off-season transfer to OpTic. Before adding Huke to its roster, the team tried to buy the second-year player from Seattle earlier this year, but negotiations fell through.

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