One of Wil Wheaton’s favorite scenes involves Star Wars and Spock

Wil Wheaton gave fans seventeen appearances on “The Big Bang Theory,” and the one he chose as his personal best comes from season 9, episode 11, (“The Opening Night Excitement”). The guys are upset that Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is giving up on joining them at a “Star Wars” premiere since it’s Amy’s (Mayim Bialik) birthday. Wheaton graciously accepts the invitation to be a stand-in but turns out to be an instigator of sci-fi rivals. That’s because Wheaton decides to show his “Star Trek” allegiance by wearing a Spock uniform. Turns out that wardrobe choice was kept a secret. “Nobody knew this was going to happen,” Wheaton revealed of the moment, saying the crew burst out laughing before the scene was filmed.

Wheaton mentioned two of his other “The Big Bang Theory” episodes that he considers his favorites. Another takes place in Season 3 Episode 13 (“The Wheaton Reoccurrence”) where he joins the guys bowling. However, he admits that the filming wasn’t as good as the final product. “It took 13 hours to shoot this scene,” he revealed. “And I just picked a bowling ball that looked cool. Not realizing I picked a bowling ball that weighed 17 pounds. I had to wear it all day. Ouch.

The third scene Wheaton chose as his favorite comes from season 12, episode 16, (“The D&D Vortex”) in which Wheaton hosts a celebrity game “Dungeons & Dragons” which includes another great “Star Trek” , William Shatner. It’s a star-studded episode that lives on in all of our minds, frankly.

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