Not yet! NBA superstar brandishes gun publicly once again after being suspended for same action earlier | wayne dupree

Ja Morant’s actions have once again sparked fan interest since the start of the NBA summer. As we all know, the Memphis Grizzlies star was forced to seek advice and make amends after a series of violent and gun-related incidents began to mount against him.

Morant even had his suspension lifted during his treatment, and when he returned he insisted he had changed. A popular video, however, seems to show the opposite. Let’s take a closer look and see what fans think of this most recent event.

It can be said that as Morant continues to act in this manner, it becomes difficult for his followers to continue supporting him. He appeared on an Instagram Live Story. Ja was seen in the video enjoying music while driving. But at one point we saw the man holding what appeared to be a gun.

Fans aren’t happy with his situation because it’s the same issue they’ve called him out on before, shouting “Hang this thug immediately!!!” Fan responses included “He’s going to end up ruining his life someday” and “He’s going to end up ruining his life someday”.

People also noted that this video will quickly go viral and make headlines. They would no doubt be right given Morant’s current notoriety. Even though the majority of fans criticized Morant, it would be interesting to know that some supporters defended him.

Morant’s supporters did this by claiming it was legal for him to have a gun on him at all times and to have it in his car. Ja has not used a firearm criminally so far, as it is legal in the United States to self-defense. Others further noted that the person who leaked the video was just chasing influence and doing it for publicity.

Ja is an NBA superstar, so his career is unlikely to be in jeopardy. Unless he actually does and kills or seriously injures someone. He should, however, consider his reputation and keep these activities hidden from the public.

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