No more concealer? Your BB cream can do the trick

You can put BB cream all over your face (unlike concealer) to give you a more even skin tone. One downside to BB cream is that it doesn’t have as many shades as other makeup products like foundation or concealer, so you won’t have a wide range of choices.

It’s also not ideal for full coverage, so if you want to cover skin disparities like dark circles and redness, concealer is the best option. Concealer is similar to foundation, but is generally thicker and is used to cover age spots, dark circles, bags under the eyes, and other spots. Its formula is much more pigmented, which helps it cover those pesky color variations. Many also use concealer to help shape their face when applying their makeup for a more structured look.

As with concealer, you don’t need a ton of BB cream, just pump a small amount onto the back of your hand. You don’t need to overdo it and a little bit will do.

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