Nigerian Fans Go Wild As Wiyaala Storms The Stage On A Motorcycle (Video)

Wiyaala, one of Ghana’s most popular musicians, has just performed on stage and gained the adoration of her followers.

On her social media profile, Wiyaala posted a video of her storming the page while riding a motorcycle.

Her followers were in awe when she entered the stage and praised her for consistently surpassing herself in terms of her craft.

The Afropop singer-songwriter recently received high acclaim from legendary Ghanaian artist Gyedu Blay Ambolley, who praised her for the outstanding steps she has taken to promote Ghana’s music and culture on a global scale.

Ambolley, a pioneer in the Highlife genre, praised Wiyaala for her distinctive voice and commitment to preserving Ghana’s musical legacy while giving it a modern spin.

The veteran praised Wiyaala for remaining true to her identity while fearlessly pushing the boundaries of creativity in a recent interview on Accra-based Kingdom FM. He stressed that her approach to music reflects a profound understanding of Ghana’s diverse musical traditions and the importance of maintaining a strong connection to one’s roots.

“I admire the way she is going about her business since she has always been true to herself and only needs to make music that is better. But her idea and how she presents herself is a definite sign that she is on the right track, he said.

Wiyaala, widely known as the Lioness of Africa, is renowned for her dynamic performances and strong vocal range.

She has been progressively earning popularity on the international stage for her combination of current and traditional African rhythms.

Wiyaala’s music has drawn notice for its memorable melodies and mesmerizing performances as well as for its deep sentiments that celebrate African identity and address societal challenges.

Check out the grand entrance below;


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