NFL player claims TSA agent sexually assaulted him | wayne dupree

Sebastian Joseph-Day, a defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Chargers, accuses a Transportation Security Administration official of sexually assaulting him during a search at a California airport on Friday. “I really just got sexually violated by the TSA,” the player tweeted, naming Orange County John Wayne Airport. “I am uneasy after asking the gentleman to stop BC, and think this part of the check is unnecessary (after he felt what was needed),” Joseph-Day wrote. “When three TSA agents harassed me, they told me I was the problem.” According to NBC, he provided no further information about the alleged attack.

“I’m all for people doing a good job. But it was incredibly unnecessary and demeaning,” the athlete said, adding that he had to “jump through hoops” to file a complaint. “I’m not posting this to Twitter to express compassion. I’m posting this so that this bunch of gentlemen and employees will never again be allowed to do this to another human being,” Joseph-Day wrote in a letter. .

The TSA said it was aware of the complaints. “We are investigating the situation to see if our processes were followed and if corrective action is needed,” the agency said in a statement to Fox News. “In carrying out its security screening obligations, the TSA is committed to treating every traveler with decency and respect.”

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