Newborns lift their heads at just three days old: advice for mums

A mother was speechless when her newborn baby started lifting her head and trying to crawl three days after birth.

Samantha Elizabeth and her mother captured the incredible moment on camera as little Nyilah Daise lay on her stomach in the hospital bed.

You can see the little one squirming, making noises and raising her head for a few seconds while looking around.

In one video, you hear Samantha ask her mother, “Is this normal? and she replied, “No, she is three days old.”

“Mom, she’s crawling!” How is this normal? What does it matter!’ Samantha said, and her mother added, “God, she shouldn’t be this strong already.”

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Samantha Elizabeth was shocked to see her newborn baby raise her head three days after birth

In a TikTok video, Samantha from the United States can be heard asking her mother,

In a TikTok video, Samantha from the United States can be heard asking her mother, “Is this normal?”

The new mum also claims her daughter rolled over for the first time nearly three weeks later, then

The new mum also claims her daughter rolled over for the first time almost three weeks later and then ‘tried to get up’ again.

Babies can’t hold their heads up at all and need neck support, according to The Punch, but tummy time is recommended.

The 30-second video caught the masses’ attention after it was shared on TikTok with the caption ‘Still can’t believe this happened’.

Samantha also added text to the clip that read, “POV your daughter is three days old and lifts her head, crawls and talks.”

The riveting video has since been viewed over 48.3 million times and left thousands speechless.

“Babies born after 2020 are definitely built differently,” one commented, while another added, “What kind of baby is this?”

“The girl has places to see people, let’s go,” said a third.

“When I see babies doing this I think they are evolving because they know they need to go faster,” wrote a fourth.

Another confessed: “That little girl can plank better than me.”

Someone else said, “She’s getting very sophisticated, so put on your running shoes.”

Some gave an explanation, saying the baby was hungry and looking for a food source.

“It’s the knee jerk – looking for food,” one wrote.

Another suggested it was the baby’s crawling reflex, saying: ‘He’s there for the first six weeks and then goes away.’ It is a special adaptation that allows a baby to eat while crawling.

Samantha has since shared follow-up videos with the baby at home and claims she first rolled over at just 18 days old.

And when she was three weeks old, Nyilah was seen ‘trying to get up’ as she lay on her mother’s legs.

In the comments, several other moms encouraged Samantha to have her baby’s hypertonia and muscle tone checked by a pediatrician.

Is it normal for newborns to raise their heads?

During the first month of life, babies cannot hold their head up at all.

They need to be rocked and have some kind of neck support for feeding, burping and while being held.

However, it is recommended that you start tummy time for your baby as early as two weeks old.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “doing this regularly will strengthen your baby’s neck muscles.”


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