New Photos Reveal Connor Sturgeon’s Family Life Before Louisville Old National Bank Shooting

Previously unpublished photographs have surfaced showing Connor Sturgeon’s peaceful family life before the tragic incident in Louisville on Monday, where he killed four people and injured several others.

According to records obtained by FOX3 Now, Sturgeon, who was an employee of the Old National Bank, was identified as a suspect by Louisville Metro Police.

It looks like Connor Sturgeon was dressed in formal attire, possibly for the ball.

Photos online reveal Sturgeon’s ordinary life with his family and friends, raising doubts about his motives for filming.

A friend and former teammate of Sturgeon in high school described him as intelligent, well-liked, and an outstanding athlete in football, track and basketball.

According to Louisville Police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel, Sturgeon was broadcasting live when he began firing a rifle around 8:38 a.m. at the old National Bank building.

The incident left four dead and nine injured, including three police officers.

A photograph shows Connor Sturgeon with his family, including his mother and father.
There’s a photo of baby Connor Sturgeon.

According to Gwinn-Villaroel, Sturgeon was killed in a confrontation with police, but it is unclear if he was shot by law enforcement or committed suicide.

The tragedy claimed the lives of four Old National Bank employees, including senior vice president Tommy Elliott (63), market manager Jim Tutt (64), senior vice president of commercial real estate Josh Barrick (40) and commercial banking officer Juliana Farmer (57).

In a statement, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) confirmed that it has removed the livestream of the shoot entirely from its platform.

There’s a photo of Connor Sturgeon receiving an award.
A photo shows Connor Sturgeon with his family members at a Color Dash event.
Connor Sturgeon with two of his friends

The company said it quickly removed the live broadcast of the tragic event earlier today.

After the shooting, law enforcement officials cordoned off Sturgeon Street to investigate his residence and question his neighbors for possible leads.

According to the Associated Press, a neighbor named Kami Cooper, who did not know Sturgeon personally, expressed his shock, saying, “I’m almost speechless.

Connor Sturgeon with his high school basketball team

You see it on the news, but not at home. Officers were seen in recent photographs leaving Sturgeon’s home with bags of potential evidence.

Connor Sturgeon’s mother and father
Connor Sturgeon with his date at a formal ball

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