Nepal Cricketers Team Players Salary 2023

Nepal Cricketers Team Players Salary 2023– Nepal’s Cricket team has qualified for the Asia Cup for the first time, but the earnings of the players on whose performance they depend are much lower than those of their Indian counterparts. While cricket is known to be a lucrative sport, this is not true for every team. The players from Nepal earn much less than even the lowest-paid workers in India.

The Nepal Cricket Board follows the practice of making annual agreements with its players, similar to India and other countries. The players are categorized into three groups and are paid salaries based on their category. However, it is unclear what the value of these salaries would be in Indian Rupees.

What is the Nepal Cricketers Team Players Salary 2023?

Men’s cricketers of Nepal are divided into 3 categories under the central contract. Cricketers included in Grade A get a salary of 60 thousand rupees every month. Those who are in grade B get Rs 50,000 and those in grade C get Rs 40,000. Now you will say that this salary is less than the salary of people in India? So you will get the answer when you weigh those Nepalese rupees in Indian currency scales.

The salary of Nepali cricketers is less than peon!

In Nepal, cricketers receive a salary of Rs 60000, but its value is only Rs 37719 in India. Similarly, 50000 Nepali rupees were reduced to only 31412 rupees. For instance, a Nepali cricketer who earns Rs 40,000 will only get Rs 25,000 in Indian rupees. Meanwhile, the salary of a government peon in India is higher than what Nepalese cricketers receive per month. In India, their package can go up to Rs 5.5 lakh per year.

You get 6000 rupees for one ODI!

Nepalese cricketers rely on two sources of income, their monthly salary under the central contract and the fees they receive for each match. For playing one ODI, they receive 10000 Nepali rupees, while they get 5000 Nepali rupees for each T20 match. In Indian currency, this translates to Rs 6286 for one ODI and Rs 3143 for one T20. Despite the relatively low income, Nepalese cricketers remain motivated and determined. Their participation in the Asia Cup reflects their strong desire to represent their country on the international stage and compete with the best in the region.

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