Natasha Stoynoff cries on the stand in E. Jean Carroll v. trump

Donald Trump and Natasha Stoynoff (right: photo by Emily Elconin/Getty Images; left, screenshot via EW YouTube)

One of Donald Trump’s other accusers, called by E. Jean Carroll, burst into tears on Wednesday on the witness stand. Journalist Natasha Stoynoff, a self-proclaimed veteran of the Trump beat for People magazine, had written a profile on the then-real estate mogul and private citizen in Mar-a-Lago.

‘Not a word came out of me’

In 2005, Trump and his wife Melania had just married. Melania was pregnant at the time. Stoynoff said she was sent to Mar-a-Lago to profile them when Trump led her into a room, apparently to show her a painting.

When she walked in, Stoynoff testified, Trump closed the door and started kissing her. Her voice quivered as she began to recount the alleged incident and wiped the tears from her eyes. She said the turn of events left her speechless.

“No words came out of me,” she testified. “I tried.”

Throughout the trial, Trump’s legal team questioned Carroll’s testimony that she did not scream, calling it inconsistent with a rape charge. Carroll’s expert psychologist, Leslie Lebowitz, said earlier today that this is common in sexual assault cases. Stoynoff, for her part, told jurors she was also silent.

“Did you shout?” Carroll’s attorney, Michael Ferrara, asked.

“No,” Stoynoff said.

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