Nancy Drew Producer Speaks Out About CW Execs After Abrupt Cancelation: ‘They Suck’

After saying the network claimed the show was too pricy, Teng went on. “Had our Studio not made that call, who knows if we would’ve ever been told,” he wrote. “At that point in the season there were only four episodes left to shoot and the writers were already breaking the finale.”

“No consideration for letting Noga and Melinda give you a proper goodbye,” another tweet from Teng read. “No closure. No consideration for the fandom who support and watch this show. I’ve been pissed at the upper brass of this new CW since November. They suck.”

If this is all true, it’s definitely understandable that Teng is upset, and it sounds like Landau and Taylor have every right to be as well. The finale aired on August 23, 2023, so perhaps Teng was waiting for “Nancy Drew” to officially wrap up before airing The CW’s dirty laundry in this matter, but it doesn’t look good — especially in an era where shows get canceled at the drop of a hat, leaving showrunners, actors, and fans in the lurch. Speaking of, Teng did thank the show’s most loyal fans in his thread: “I’m glad y’all enjoyed the finale. You deserved that. Long live our #Drewds and the #DrewCrew.”

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