Nana Agradaa Threatens to Kill Her Former Church Leader Who Stole Her Husband (Video)

Nana Agradaa is still in disbelief about her husband’s affair with Mercy, a former church leader. Agradaa has threatened to kill Aunty Mercy in a new video if she ever obtains the authority to do so.

She claimed that if she were elected president of Ghana, she would send her men to assassinate her opponent by firing squad.

Agradaa gave a graphic account of how she would carry out her rival’s execution.

News of Agradaa’s husband leaving her for one of her church leaders went viral a few weeks ago.

Agradaa appeared online and launched a fiery tirade against the two of them.

But a few weeks later, she and her husband were able to make amends.

Everyone assumed that Agradaa had moved on from the woman who broke her heart, but it appears that she is still in pain on the inside.

She is now threatening to kill her opponent because of this!

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