‘My 600-lb Life’ star Larry Myers Jr. dies at 49

Larry Myers Jr., known to fans as TLC’s “Mr. Buttermilk Cookies” My 600 pound lifedied at the age of 49.

A family member told the WE. Sun that Myers died of a heart attack.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Larry’s cousin Todd Darell broke the news of his passing and expressed his gratitude to the reality TV star’s fans.

“Larry fought the good fight. He overcame some of the greatest challenges he has ever faced. Rest well Junior, you will be missed,” Darell wrote.

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Myers gained recognition after appearing on season 10 of My 600 pound lifein an episode titled “Larry’s Journey” – where he sought help from Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in hopes of a “second chance” at life and as a gospel singer.

The episode included a clip of Larry singing about buttermilk cookies at a chicken restaurant.

After the episode aired in January 2022, the scene went viral, earning him the nickname “Mr. Butter Cookies.”

The reality TV star’s journey on the show has shown her struggles with losing weight and her relationship with food.

“I eat to comfort myself. When I’m cooking, that’s the only time I’m happy, other than when I’m eating,” he said on the show, according to Distract.

He continued, “So this is the time when I like to sing and I sing gospel. Because the rest of the time, when I’m not eating, most of my thoughts are morbidly depressing.

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Myers Jr. underwent weight loss surgery years before appearing on the TLC series. However, he would go on to regain 400 pounds after his procedure.

When he appeared on My 600 pound lifeMyers Jr. weighed 940 pounds and was bedridden

Despite those struggles, Myers appeared to be in good spirits in an Instagram video he shared earlier this year.

“There’s nothing too hard for God and Larry that God and Larry can’t do. Nothing!” he said, according to the New York Post.

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