Motion to dismiss charges in Alvin Bragg case certainly on the table | Trump Lawyer | wayne dupree

Jesse Jesse Binnall, one of Donald Trump’s lawyers, predicted that the former president’s legal team would try to have the allegations against him in the case of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg dropped.

Binnall predicted a termination decision would be made. There’s a lot of material for a dismissal decision, especially when it comes to the statute of limitations.

Trump is the first former president to be charged with a crime after a Manhattan grand jury recently decided to indict him for his alleged involvement in a 2016 payout to Stormy Daniels. He pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of conspiracy and fabricating business documents when he was arraigned earlier this week.

Although Binnall is not a member of Trump’s current trial team, they have collaborated on other cases in the past. He said that due to doubts about the judge’s objectivity, he might step down or face a motion to do so.

We will have to carefully assess whether this judge is also appropriate, he said. “And this judge, in my opinion, needs to take a very hard look at his ability to be fair in this case. We could also consider a motion for recusal, in my opinion.

Binnall added that the location would make it harder for Trump to get a fair trial.

He said: “Donald Trump has no chance of getting a fair trial in Manhattan.” “I mean, it’s ridiculous. Everyone in America, on both sides of the political spectrum, is aware that there’s no fair trial option there.

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