Mother Suspends Daughter From Family Company For Fighting Staff

A woman has suspended her daughter from their family company after the ward was reported to have fist-fought with a staff of the company.

A young lady who was merit to the case took to Facebook to share the details.

According to her, the young lady who was suspended happens to be her friend.

Her friend’s mother friend’s mother owns a large company with lots of staff. The young lady recently completed her National Service Program and was not getting any job so she had to put up at her mum’s company as an intern and she was doing her job well to see things done.

However, an altercation one day happened between the daughter and one of the staff which led to a fistfight.

“Most of the staff do not like to take instructions from her and this has resulted in altercations with most of them, they keep reporting to her mum till a meeting was finally called.

The staff seems to have connived against her and without even bothering to hear her side of the story her mum said she knows what she can do and she won’t allow her to cause problems in her company, so she immediately suspended her and ask her to leave and go home.

The staff were happy with this judgement and some made some snide remarks while she was leaving. This thing has really troubled her recently and she’s thinking maybe her mom doesn’t like her as she stated that if it were her brother she won’t give such judgement.

Was she wrong in trying to put things in order which resulted to most of those fights with the staff?

Was the mum right to have passed such kind of judgement before her staff ?

My friend’s mom told her to go resume next week on the condition that she’ll behave well but my friend told her mum she’s not stepping foot in her company again.”


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