Mother Bɛαts 14 year old daughter for having sex with her neighbour, recording and sharing it (VIDEO)

A young mother whose 14-year-old daughter was engaged in sex with her neighbor has shared a video of herself beating the young woman for the act.

According to the details of the video, the young woman had sex with her next door neighbor, recorded it and also shared it.

In her punishment, she took the young woman’s phone and revealed that she was taking her to the village away from the internet.

Apart from that, the young mother has been slammed by some netizens online for sharing the video while bɛαting her daughter.

Check out some reactions below:


“It can traumatize her for life, but I feel the mother is hurting you…but I think there are better ways to deal with it”


“Putting it online might damage the girl more, how about other ways to decipher a kid and try to educate her about X and her body, well, she has such long fingernails at 14 shows that the mother does not do enough because men will think she has grown up and is coming after her.


“If you allow your daughter to use iG or Facebook or TikTok at 13/14 15 omo you will cry privately for many years please it’s not that you can’t afford a good smart phone for them but please take note 🙏 ire oooooo”

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