Montana Supreme Court unanimously rejects anti-abortion law

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte speaks during a bill signing ceremony on the steps of the state Capitol, Wednesday, May 3, 2023, in Helena, Mont. The state’s Republican-controlled legislature has passed several bills related to abortion access, and Gianforte signed five of them on Wednesday, including one that will likely cause the state’s Supreme Court to reconsider its decision. of nearly 25 years that supports the right to pre-viability abortion by a provider of the patient’s choice. The Montana Supreme Court used this ruling on Friday, May 12, 2023 to declare that advanced practice registered nurses can continue to perform abortions in Montana. (Thom Bridge/Independent Record via AP, File)

The Montana Supreme Court on Friday unanimously extended abortion protections in the state — part of an ongoing effort by the governor and GOP lawmakers to erode women’s medical rights.

In a 7-0 ruling, the state’s top treasury court sided with an advanced practice nurse practitioner and clinician who challenged a 2005 law that restricted who could provide services of abortion.

“[U]Under the Montana Constitution, the right to individual privacy, meaning the right to personal autonomy or the right to be left alone, is fundamental,” the court noted, citing a previous. “It is perhaps one of the most important rights guaranteed to the citizens of this state, and its distinct textual protection in our Constitution reflects Montanans’ historical abhorrence and distrust of undue government interference. in their personal life.”

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