Minister of the Interior, Milicent BƐdroom Video Tape Surfaces

Kenya’s Chief Administrative Secretary for Home Affairs, identified as Millicent Omanga, bedroom photos have been exposed on social media.

According to a close source, the viral video was taken by an infamous politician named Governor Mike Sonko.

Sonko had visited Milicent Omanga’s house when her husband was out of Kenya on official duties.

He took the video without her permission and kept it private to blackmail her in the future.

He would be jealous after Omanga was given a high position in the government by President Ruto by being appointed TAS from within.

He thought that Ruto would appoint him as CAS as well and when he refused to get the plum government job, he organized a plan to bring down Omanga.

He reportedly has additional videos he plans to leak to damage Omanga’s reputation.

This smeared the status of Milicent to the core.

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