Michael Cohen: Trump Making A Mistake In His Georgia Case

Donald Trump says he will now surrender on Thursday in Georgia.
Unlike in his other indictments, the former president will be required to pay a cash bond in Georgia,
just like 61% of people charged with a felony in this country, Kaitlin Collins said.

She introduced former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

“Michael, I mean what do you make of Trump’s $200,000 bond, the fact that he, unlike his other ones, he is going to have to post at least part of that here,” she said.

“Look, at the end of the day, $200,000, he’ll have no problem with raising the money.

“Worse comes to worse, so go to his stupid supporters to do it and they’ll just pony up to one of his various different PACs. But I find it ironic or comical that I had to post a $500,000 bond for another man having an affair and receiving back the money that I received from him.

“And his is $200,000 for trying to overturn a free and fair election. I mean, I just I don’t see the correlation, but it is what it is,” Cohen said.

Collins asked why MAGA isn’t funding all of the defendants.

Cohen noted that Trump really shouldn’t be throwing those people under the bus.

“Donald’s an idiot. Let me just be very clear. When it comes to paying money, he is truly an idiot. He has not learned yet that the last person that you want, three people you don’t want to throw under the bus like that, your lawyer, your doctor and your mechanic.

“Because one way or the other, you’re going to go down the hill and there’ll be no brakes. That’s the problem. He has still not learned and allegedly from Rudy’s own mouth, he claims that he has a smoking gun, Information about Donald,” he said.

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