Mel B is seeking primary custody of her 11-year-old daughter Madison, whom she shares with producer Stephen Belafonte. The Spice Girl says she has “serious concerns” about her ex-husband’s parenthood.

By documents obtained by, Mel B, who is also the mother of Phoenix, 23, and Angel, 16, both from previous relationships, are asking the court to award her 80% custody of Madison and 20% of the custody time would go to Belafonte . The “Wannabe” singer says she originally had primary custody of her daughter; however, that changed when his work visa expired in 2019, forcing him to return to the UK.

“Madison’s sisters, Angel and Phoenix, have moved with me to the UK, where we live minutes from almost all of our friends and family. Moving to the UK without Madison was devastating for the girls and me. The three girls have always had a very close relationship and enjoy spending time together,” said Mel B. “Madison would thrive socially, emotionally and academically if she were allowed to live with me and her sisters in the UK during the ‘school year.”

The 47-year-old continued: “I’m confident Madison’s best interests would be served if she lived primarily in the UK with her sisters and me.”

In the docs, Mel B, aka “Scary Spice,” accused Belafonte of “alienating” her daughter from the rest of her family. Additionally, she claims that Belafonte often leaves Madison “in Los Angeles under the care of a revolving door of various third parties.”

The mother-of-three also said her ex-husband was not being transparent with her about her daughter’s healthcare and basic living conditions.

“Stephen also lacks transparency regarding Madison’s living arrangements, doctor’s appointments, therapy and schooling. He refuses to co-parent with me. For example, he never provided me with information about Madison’s living situation in Los Angeles. I don’t know if Madison has her own room, what her room looks like, or even where she lives, because he has lied about their living situation numerous times.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte separated in 2017 amid abuse allegations.

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