Meghan McCain’s children won’t be going to college in the future

Meghan McCain’s column in the Daily Mail cited examples of college professors misbehaving, a commencement speech she considered anti-Semitic, the University of Colorado’s rules on dishonest people and the course on anti-black racism from the University of Connecticut to explain his views on the “woke”. ” agenda spreading in colleges. She made it clear that she did not want her children to attend a university that allows such events.

McCain’s words were met with recoil. The Daily Beast columnist Kali Holloway claimed in a column that McCain’s words indicated she was ironically pushing an agenda for how her children should think rather than letting them be exposed to different viewpoints and to decide what they believe for themselves. “Instead of allowing his children to explore a world beyond their Republican roots,” Holloway wrote, “McCain insists they are not exposed to ideas and ways of thinking that might allow them to decide for themselves how they see the world.”

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