Meghan McCain slams new season of ‘And Just Like That’: ‘It’s woke slop!’

Meghan McCain called the second season of “And Just Like That” a “woke slop”.

Meghan McCain called the second season a

Meghan McCain called the second season of ‘And Just Like That’ a ‘woke slop’

The 38-year-old former ‘View’ co-host has planned the show’s first season and has now kicked off the second series of the ‘Sex and the City’ spin-off, as criticism spreads he does not live up to the original. to show.

She said in an essay for the Daily Mail about how “soulless” showrunners seemed to use it to tick off “a woke checklist”: “The knockoff lacked everything that made the original series great.”

Meghan also said the new series lacked “sharp dialogue, compelling characters and storylines that tackled taboo subjects”.

She also denounced 57-year-old star Cynthia Nixon’s graphic sex scenes with Sara Ramirez, 47, who plays her lover Che.

Meghan added: “Miranda and Che are fully naked, breasts out, writhing in a hot tub, in the middle of the day in Los Angeles.”

She claimed the on-screen couple were “all leather and studs” and didn’t seem able to have “normal sex”.

But Meghan admitted she hopes an upcoming cameo by Kim Cattrall’s character Samantha Jones will “save” the show.

She said: “If Cattrall’s b*****, offensiveness and genuineness (is) coming back, then (follow) me.

“She will not tolerate this progressive nonsense.”

Kim, 66, previously said she would not be returning to the “AJLT” spin-off, with her final appearance in the “SATC” franchise coming in the series’ second feature film in 2010.

But the actress – who has had a long-running feud with Sarah – is now set to appear in a jaw-dropping second season finale of ‘AJLT’.

Variety reported that she only shot one scene for the episode and filmed it in one day in March.

Kim starred as Samantha for six seasons on ‘SATC’ and her character was seen settling into season four of the original series with artist Maria Reyes’ character after revealing to her on-screen friends. during dinner: “Yes ladies, I am a lesbian.”

His character was later written out of the show, but not killed off.

‘SATC’ writer Candance Bushnell, 64, said she thinks the final batch of ‘AJLT’ episodes, now airing on Max, ‘will be a great season’ after news broke of the return of Kim.

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