McDonald’s changes Big Mac and Cheeseburger recipe Australia Canada United States

McDonald’s has announced permanent changes to two of its most popular menu items – and it’s effective immediately.

The iconic cheeseburger and the Big Mac will taste a little different, after the fast-food chain decided to ditch old cooking methods and “change the cheese”.

The recipe tweaks were first tested in select stores in Australia, Belgium and Canada before being implemented there in 2019. In April, the chain announced that the changes would be rolling out to the United States from 2024.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “Customers will also be pleased to know that more Big Mac sauce is added to each burger for a more tangy sweetness in every bite.”

But McDonald’s fans have previously opposed ‘adjustments’ to favorite restaurants, sparking outrage – and this time it’s no different.

McDonald’s changed the recipe to several menu items, including the Big Mac and the Cheeseburger. Roll-out has started in Australia, Canada and Belgium

“I’m not looking for change in my McDonald’s,” one American said online.

With another customer claiming, “The nerdy and the Big Mac are fine, leave them alone.”

‘No thanks. I prefer to prepare my food at home, so I decide what to put in it,” added a third.

Another was quick to call the onions “garbage” and others expressed concern about price increases for “essentially the same product”.

Customers in Australia, Canada and Belgium gave “rave reviews” leading to the US rollout.

The fast food chain has confirmed that the buns are now “softer” and “cushioned” and that white onions are added to the patties during the baking process for a more “juiciness and caramelized” flavor.

Along with this, changes have been made to the burger assembly process to ensure that the cheese slices are “perfectly melted” every time.

Cheeseburger in photo

Big Mac in pictures

The fast-food chain has confirmed that the buns are “softer” and “cushioned” and that white onions are now added to the patties during the baking process for a more “juiciness and caramelized” flavor.

Chef Chad Schafer, Senior Director of Culinary Innovation at McDonald’s USA, said, “I will always remember my first McDonald’s burger.

“And now my culinary team and I have the best job in the world – thinking of ways to bring even more of that iconic McDonald’s taste to fans.

“We found that small changes, like tweaking our process for hotter, more melty cheese and adjusting our grill settings for better searing, added a big difference in making our burgers tastier than ever.”

And it’s not the first time McDonald’s has made controversial changes to its dishes.

Earlier this year, two menu options were removed in Australia to make way for four new offerings.

Beginning April 19, limited-edition McCafé options became available at every restaurant nationwide.

Customers can now get their hands on BBQ, Bacon and Cheese Toastie, Banana Blueberry Bread, Apple Cinnamon Muffin and Double Chocolate Muffin.

But unfortunately, Mud Muffin and Blueberry Muffin are no longer available.

Daily Mail Australia understands that the Apple and Cinnamon Muffin replaced the Blueberry Muffin, and the Double Choc Muffin replaced the Mud Muffin.

BBQ, Bacon and Cheese Toastie, and Banana Blueberry Bread will only be available for the next six months.

A McDonald’s spokesperson previously told FEMAIL that the fast-food chain was delighted to introduce the new menu items.

“We’re excited to see what customers think of the delicious new additions to our McCafé menu,” the spokesperson said.

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