Match Made In Heaven by Chance Chapter 72 Release Date, Recap, Where to Read & More

It looks like readers are getting impatient to wait for Chapter 72 of Match Made In Heaven by Chance. The most recent chapter begins in class, where we meet Kang Juho, the 25-year-old principal at the time, and see him check in. with each student to make sure they got home safely. At the same time, one of the students asks him why he is here when he was supposed to take a few days off, and he replies that he intended to do so, but changed his mind because he wanted to study.

Release Date and Where to Read Match Made In Heaven by Chance Chapter 72

Jia and Jin’s love story will continue in Match Made In Heaven by Chance Chapter 72 which will be released on May 18, 2023.

  • India Standard Time: May 17, 2023
  • Philippine Standard Time: May 17, 2023
  • Japan Standard Time: May 18, 2023
  • Singapore Standard Time: May 17
  • Pacific Standard Time: May 17
  • Korea Standard Time: May 18

On the specified dates, Chapter 72 of Match Made in Heaven by Chance will be uploaded on WebToon and you can read some classic love stories of Jin and Jia.

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Summary of the previous chapter

The student admits and acknowledges that he is merely pretending to study since he is slightly preoccupied with his attendance. Juho agrees they’re right, but insists he didn’t just come to class to ask Jiah for a favor.

Juha goes on to admit that he may have made a similar confession in the past, but he actually got in trouble at school. Unfortunately, he didn’t do very well in his college entrance exams and barely made it into school. Juho claims that his genuine academic skills would leave his listeners “speechless”. He describes it as a therapeutic respite from the stresses of college life.

Wing Woman

Jiah, on the other hand, claims that she excelled in many social settings and eventually became her major’s spokesperson. She reveals that Kang Juho, the class leader, has a bad reputation. Jiah and Juho are having lunch together when Juho notices that Jiah isn’t eating very well and asks her why, adding that she shouldn’t be embarrassed to eat in front of him.

Later, Jiah asks her out saying he should ask her out on a blind date because she’s a good friend and he wants to look his best. She offers to go home with him if it makes him happy, but he stops her, saying he will be devastated if she leaves.

After learning that she was working hard recently, Juho decided to treat her to dinner. Jiah thinks his attitude and the way he yells “Oppa” is something every junior female despises in senior males. Juho finds this very strange, as the girl seems to like it every time Kangwoo does.

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