Mass shooting at Vladislav Ribnikar primary school in Serbia: 7th grader killed eight students and a guard

A seventh-grader of primary school “Vladislav Ribnikar” killed nine people, including eight students and a guard.

The seventh-grader who carried out the massacre at the “Vladislav Ribnikar” elementary school, killing nine people, shot first at the guard and then at the students who were in the hallway.

Among the injured, there are also those whose lives are in danger.

It is assumed that the seven who carried out the massacre were under the influence of narcotics.

Otherwise, he is an exemplary student and, as we learn, he is the child of health workers.

STUDENT Kosta K. (14 years old) broke into “Vladislav Ribnikar” school in Vračar in Belgrade today and killed several people, while several others were injured. According to reports, he killed at least eight people. As can be seen in school records, Kosta K. participated in many school competitions. He participated in math competitions several times and received accolades.

Last year, he also won third place in the municipal history competition. Today the whole bloody party began precisely because of his anger at the history teacher, from whom he burst into the classroom this morning and started shooting, writes

The shooting happened around 8 a.m., when Kosta K. broke into the school and started shooting at random. Apparently most of the dead were in the classroom where the history lesson was taking place.

As the students told Index, the attacker was in sixth grade last year and was bullied by his peers. In seventh grade, he was transferred to another class, where he also experienced peer abuse.

The students told us that they weren’t sure what kind of violence it was, but they couldn’t tell us exactly what it was.

It is suspected that he picked up a five-bullet gun early this morning and went to school. There was a security guard at the entrance, with whom he argued and started kicking trash. Then he shot her in cold blood, writes Telegraf.

The attacker was arrested.

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