Marjorie Taylor Greene is shocked to learn that there is a website called “Pornhub”

Georgia QAnon Klan mother Marjorie Taylor Greene was the keynote speaker at the Putnam County Republican Party Saturday Night Dinner, where she admitted to recently discovering a website called Pornhub.

I am not joking.

Marge continued her obsession with Hunter Biden while addressing the Knights of Columbus crowd in Ottawa, OH.

“Here’s what I found out this week,” Rep. Greene said. “There’s this website that you may have heard of or may not have heard of called Pornhub.”

“It’s a disgusting porn site,” she said. “Actually, it should be illegal. I even can, I don’t even know why it exists.”

She also claims that Hunter also uploaded videos of her escapades.

I would place a big bet on the fact that most people attending the dinner have visited Pornhub more than once.

Maybe she should ask some of the audience members about it.

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