Marjorie Taylor Greene has a very weird excuse for the murders

Rep. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene held a sort of hearing at the Florida ATF Accountability Grounds to proclaim that guns don’t kill people, but strict gun laws do. make.

These two are made for each other.

The purpose of this exercise is to attack the ATF, the Democratic Party and President Biden claiming that they want to destroy the Second Amendment while funding Ukraine’s defense against Russia.

That’s who the Democrats are because the Democrats don’t support the Second Amendment. That really is the underlying truth here.

The Democrats will do whatever they can to destroy the Second Amendment and take your guns away while they fund a war in Ukraine to make sure Ukrainians have their gun rights because they are being targeted.

Putin thanks you, Marge.

And then she put the icing on the cake.

Memorial Day weekend, 53 people were shot, 11 people were killed.
Have you seen the Democratic pundits on TV screaming about the mass shootings in Chicago?

No, you haven’t heard of it and they dare not report it.

Why is that?

Because he speaks the truth that every American knows.

He tells the truth that strict gun laws actually create murder.

Greene claimed that most gun thefts in America occur in southern states because they all carried guns. It makes sense if true, but Marge is unable to see the irony in her statements.

The mass murders in our schools, our children’s places of worship, restaurants and stores are the problem, not the crime statistics in Chicago.

I guess that’s asking Marge to process a little too much information.

QAnon Klan mother claims guns don’t kill, but strict gun laws do. It’s a puzzle.

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