Marissa Jones Bio, Age, Height, Husband, Salary, Net Worth The Vanished

Marissa Jones Biography

Marissa Jones is a well-known podcaster and paralegal in the United States. She is currently the host, creator, producer, and founder of the true-crime podcast The Vanished Podcast. It delves into the lives of persons who have gone missing.

In addition, the podcast is a member of the Wondery network. In addition, Marissa quit her full-time paralegal job to work full-time on the show.

Marissa Jones Age

Marissa Jones was born in the United States. Despite being a famous person, she has not disclosed personal information such as her age or birth date to the public.

Marissa Jones Height

Marissa stands at an average height of 5 ft 5 in/1.65m tall.

Marissa Jones Family

She was born in the United States to a devoted father and a devoted mother. But she has not revealed any important information about her dedicated parents or whether she has any siblings. As a result, the whereabouts of Marissa’s parents and siblings are currently unknown.

Marissa Jones Husband

Marissa is happily married to her loving and caring spouse. She has not, however, revealed any other information on her other half.

Marissa Jones Children

Marissa is proud of her children. However, she has not revealed any additional information about her children. As a result, their locations remain unknown at the moment.

Marissa Jones Education

Marissa went to a nearby high school. Marissa later enrolled in university, where she completed her studies and graduated with honors.

Marissa Jones Salary

Marissa pockets an annual salary of $82,215.

Marissa Jones Net Worth

Marissa’s approximate net worth is $1 million.

Marissa Jones Career

She is currently employed as a podcast host. Marissa hosts The Vanished, a weekly podcast. It focuses on the situations and tales of persons who have gone missing. She is also the originator, producer, and founder of The Vanished. Marissa also works as a paralegal. Her podcast is about true crime. The majority of The Vanished interviews feature friends and family of the missing person. Furthermore, it occasionally includes local law enforcement.

The podcast debuted in February 2016. Since its release, it has received 51,000,000 downloads. Currently, The Vanished is a part of the Wondery network. The show attempts to target people whose cases have been dismissed by the media. People who are sex workers or drug addicts have been included. In an interview, she stated that many of the situations discussed on her podcast are not those that generate national headlines.

Marissa is proud to have the opportunity to give these families a voice, and she finds it incredibly fulfilling. Furthermore, the motto of The Vanished podcast is “covering missing people one episode at a time.” Erika Gwynn and Anna Priestland have also contributed to the production. Erika contributes to the writing of some of the episodes. She is the host of the Apex and the Abyss podcast. Anna, on the other hand, has written some as well.

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